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Self Q&A: Why You Can’t Pre-order Spellwright on Amazon Right Now

Q: Blake, why can’t I pre-order your book on Amazon?

A: Well, Blake, MacMillian (publishing conglomerate) and Amazon are fighting about ebook pricing.

Q: Why?

A: It’s kinda messy. Likely not worth your Sunday.

Q: I like messy.

A: That’s not really a question.

Q: Bitch, please.

A: Fine, here’s MacMillian’s message to authors/illustrators and Amazon’s response. There are plenty of intelligent analyses of the situation. Check out such by Toby Buckell or by Charles Stross or by Scott Westerfeld or a like a million more at Bibliophile Stalker (scroll down to “Amazon vs Pan Macmillian”).

Q: Huh.

A: That answer your questions?

Q: That wasn’t an answer.

A: You know I love you man, and irony is a great thing, but after you said that I had to throw up a little.

Q: How much?

A: Not a lot.

Q: You shouldn’t do that. It’s pre-cancerous. You might get Barrett’s esophagus.

A: I don’t have Barrett’s esophagus. And if if I did, most cases don’t convert to esophageal cancer anyway.

Q: But you do eat a lot of sushi. There are higher incidence of esophageal cancer in Japan.

A: And Iceland, but so what? And where, really, are you going with this?

Q: It’s my esophagus too.

A: Right, right, right. But, moving on?

Q: I’m just a little worried about the fact that you seem to have an interior dialog. Most people have interior monologs.

A: Most people insist on putting a “ue” after dialog, prolog, or monolog.

Q: Oh, so someone’s the king of spelling all of a sudden? [bows] Your Highness of Eugraphy.

A: Don’t be like that. You’re dyslexic too.

Q: Mores the pity about that. So, wait, are you worried about this affecting Spellwright sales?

A: No, not really. Sounds like it’ll blow over soon. And Spellwright is still available for pre-order at Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble, & signed copies at The Signed Page.

Q: Wow, that sounds very ration and calm.

A: I’m a pretty calm and rational author.

Q & A: [together] HAHAHAHA. You kill me, man. HAHAHA. No, no, no, you kill me!

Q: [looks around] Well, at least we scared everyone else off this post.

A: So, does this mean we should get back to writing?

Q: Yeah, why not.

[They type.]


Ten Minutes Later


Q: Dude, some one just email this to us : NYTimes:  “Amazon Concedes on Electronic Book Pricing

A: Well, that blew over fast.

Q: Way to write a blog post that was relevant  for 10 min.

A: [Sniff]

Q: Ooh, look Toby wrote a hilarious spoof of the Amazon statement.

A: [Sniiiiiiiiiiif]

Q: Oh, buddy. It’s gonna be okay.

A: Well, we still had that lively little exchange about esophageal cancer.

Q: That was fun. I’m sure people will think it’s fun. [Pats him on the head.]


27 Responses to “Self Q&A: Why You Can’t Pre-order Spellwright on Amazon Right Now”

  • Ah, this explains why the two books I had ordered from Amazon along with Spellwright are suddenly available for shipping at an earlier date. I read Tobias Buckell’s long post earlier today but didn’t make the connection.

  • Glad I pre-ordered the signed copy.
    Now get some rest- this Q&A with yourself could be a sign of sleep derivation 😀

  • I have a different diagnosis.

  • I think the wormwood is still talking.

  • Dude, you’re like the Deadpool of the writing world. Since I pretty much think Deadpool is the most awesome thing to ever come out of a comic book (Hellboy rocks, but… seriously… little yellow boxes FTW), that’s pretty high praise of this post.


    Hats off to you, man. And I’m seriously. I wear lots of hats. It’s to hide the hat hair.

    Heh. Okay, now I’M Deadpool. Geez.

    • huh, i had not known of said Deadpool. thought the epitaph the “merc with a mouth,” sounds kinda cool, the disfiguring scars…well, hot female super villains dig scars, right?

      • Dude, while I hesitate to admit to anything resembling girlishness, I must admit that the adage “Chicks dig scars” applies. Heh.

        And seriously, read up on some Deadpool, AKA the merc with a mouth, AKA the regeneratin’ degenerate. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT watch the origins of Wolverine movie. Okay, Ryan Reynolds does an awesome job at the Wade Wilson aspect of Deadpool, but then FOX took over and totally screwed up the post-added-healing-factor Deadpool completely.

        Wait for the movie coming out in probably 2012. I’m seriously. Still Ryan Reynolds, but with better scripting because he’s truly a fan and wants to do Pool-o-vision and the arguing voices from the comic books. *snerk* LOTS of fun.

        If you just want a quickie introduction to such bliss, pick up the “Deadpool: Suicide Kings” graphic novel. It’s the one with a shot-up teddy bear on the front.

        Ah. Good times. And yes, I am a geek. *polishes geek badge*

        • Sorry – went to my stash. The graphic novel is a little pricey, so you might want to check out “The Amazing Spider-Man” issue 611 instead (you can just google “amazing spiderman 611” and it pops right up). It’s like $3 (cover price) as compared to like $18 and it introduces Mamageddon.

          I really, really want to hear Mamageddon. Curiosity doesn’t even begin to cover the depth of my need to know.

          • hrmmm…i must make an admission now. don’t hate me. i will here and now confess to wanting an ipad only if i can have instant access to graphic novels.

          • Replying here, since I can’t seem to reply to your reply:

            Hmmm…I wonder if you COULD get the graphic novel on ipad? I honestly don’t know if it’s available that way. I can only imagine that the comic book dialog(ue) would be too small to read on an ipad screen…?

            As for instant access, I totally got mine from the local (new) comic book store that I instantly fell in love with upon entering. Unfortunately, I’ll have to order anything else, because I pretty much cleared him out of Deadpool stuff, individual comic and graphic novel alike. *sigh*

          • hrmmm…we seem to get only so many generations of threads. anyway, there had better be a graphic novel setting of the ipad or i’d only by one for a frisbee/trivet! i thought it would have the pinch = zoom out and inverse pinch = zoom in function the iphone has. IMO, it’d be pretty cool to blow up a single box on a page to the whole screen, well at least for the graphic novels with good art, but there’s no shortage of those nowadays 😉

          • Holy cow, you ain’t kidding. There is some seriously GORGEOUS graphic novel art out there. That’s half the reason I’d pimp the “Suicide Kings” GN — sure, it’s Deadpool, but it’s a very awesomely rendered Deadpool.

            There’s not always that much detail, ya know?

            …Makes me want to watch Unbreakable again. Listen to Sammy L talk about comic art quality versus kid store cartoonism. Sweeeeet.

  • Wow, congratulations. It’s the end of the post and I’m still here. How did that happen?
    I guess I’m still wondering if sushi is a suspect in esophageal cancer. I’m kind of worried about that. I eat a lot of sushi. Or, I should say, that is, I eat sushi often. And a lot.

  • Apart from the Q&A personas do you have any other inside? I have around 7-8.


    The list continues…

    • it’s all very unclear. i try never to take too much of a head count. probably would be disturbing 😉 and, well, i guesses all the voices of our characters count as like ‘you’ in some form or another, nay?

  • I do the internal dialog(ue optional) thing, too. Am glad to know I’m not alone. *g*

    • hey, now i’m feeling like i’m in good internal dialog(+/- ue)company (that’s not only in my head 😉

      • I like to think I’m good company. 😀 I’m pretty sure you are. We should start a club. Between the two of us, we’ll have at least a dozen members.

        • oh let’s move to merry olde england and start a troupe: Her Majesty Imaginary Players of Most Mirthfully Tragic and Lamentably Comic Dialog(ue) 😉

  • After reading the above post it occurs to me that it’s not just dyslexia

    Let me put it this way, when you’re watching a Monty Python skit are you reminded of The Three Stooges?

    • hrmmm…a of all) i’m thrilled you found my blog! seen more than a few reviews on yours. b of all) hrmm…kinda lost re: the stooges x 3. can i get a hint?

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