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Dearly Beloved You People: Should you want to be dazzled by the light glinting off my head, hear me read, see me get nervous about signing books while talking at the same time, here’s the present calendar for the Spellwright DIY Tour. (For updates you can check back here or watch my blog.)

March 14th, 2:00pm: Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA (event page)

  • A wonderful wonderful indie book store. If you’re anywhere near SD, you have to stop by and meet the ppl who work there.
    • N.B. Daylight Savings Time begins on that day, be sure to adjust your clocks!
  • So far, this is the only event planed in SoCal. I’ll be LA for a few days before hand. Should you happen to be a bookseller, reading club, person who sometimes wonders what it would be like to play D&D with Bill Shakespeare and Chris Marlowe (answer: gratuitously awesome!) drop me a comment here and we’ll hang out.

March 19th, 7:30pm: Kepler’s Books, Menlo Park, CA (event page)

  • This’ll be the big hometown event. Introduction by my mentor, the wonderful Dr. Abraham Verghese. Come meet Stanford Medicine folks, my high school Latin teacher, &c, &c.

March 27th, 3:00pm: Borderlands Books, San Francisco, CA

April 7th, 7:30pm: Books Inc., Mountain View, CA

April 8th, 5:00pm: Medicine & the Muse, Stanford, CA

  • Come see other local talent and me headline for keynote speaker Malcolm Gladwell!

April 17th, 7:00pm: SF in SF, San Francisco, CA

  • I’m honored to read with the charming, witty, best-selling Steampunk Princess Gail Carriger. The two of us are old writing friends and scheming for a ridiculous and hilarious performance. SF in SF might never recover!

April 21st, 7:30pm: Clayton Books, CA


17 Responses to “SPELLWRIGHT Book Tour!”

  • I used to live in Menlo Park and hang out at Kepler’s and the coffee shop next door (is the coffee shop still there?). Alas, that was a long time ago, so unless you’re planning on widening your tour I’ll not get to participate.

    • it’s a wonderful indie, in’nit? don’t know if you heard, but a few years back the rising rent prices forced it out of business. the local community was so upset the rallied to create a non-profit to keep it afloat. would that all indie booksellers were so lucky. the coffee shop next door (Barrone) is still doing a hopping business & is a great place to read or write. let me know if you swing through town again. because alas, the economy being what it is, money and time for long book tours it seems are not in the cards. hoping to extend it as long as possible.

  • You lucky people in California. I’m envious.
    I hope you will be some day in Germany.

  • any dates for the phoenix area?

    • sadly no, which is too bad. it would take (i think) a local bookseller to express interest. then i could make the bald-many-puppy-eyes (the large white dome helps) to the publisher and ask if they can help me fly out there. so perhaps mention it to your local SFF bookstore? i’ll keep my fingers crossed 😀

  • Blake, interested in interviewing you for our hyperlocal blog InMenlo in connection with your Kepler’s visit.
    Please contact me. Thanks. Linda

  • I don’t see Australia on the list… most disappointing 🙁 Its what publishers are for isn’t it, getting you free tickets to other countries so you can go on a book tour alcohol fuelled bender? Sort of reminds me of what would happen when my company would send me places.

    • Sadly, no, Australia is not on the list. I was really hoping to get to World Con this year. But the hop across the Pacific is just too dear, sadly. And, you are indeed correct, authors are generally blown wherever the winds of publishing house and markets conspire to send them. Here’s to hoping I’ll one day make it across the equator!

  • Well, failing the land of Oz, we in Hawai’i buy books too!

    • ach! somehow didn’t see this comment until just now. my bad. i actually might be out in HI this May! a family member has a timeshare on Kaui he can’t use, so if i can only get my butt over there, i’ll living island style for a week or so 🙂 i’ll keep you posted.

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  • Mr. Charlton,

    Regarding Spellwright,

    You have a fan. =)


  • Mr. Charlton, I have been into SiFi for many years and picked your book up at the local library, I really enjoy your lst book and look forward to BK.2. I want to find out more about Nicodemus and Shannon and which direction the story follows. Thank you..

  • Currently, reading Spellwright…WOW and Awesome. It is great to see a writer bringing his experience and gifts into a fantasy novel. It shows how much society still needs to grow up.
    can not wait to finish the book and read Spellbound when it comes out

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