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Tentative Publication Dates & Readercon Schedule

Dearly Beloved YOU PEOPLE:

Once upon a time, summer meant long days at the pool and evenings biking around the neighborhood until the streetlights came on. They were incandescent lights then, a white glow that lit the undersides of sycamores and made the twilight sky between the branches seem more luminous.

Alas that those days are gone. Summer is now full of furious work projects and travel. Not that those are bad things. Much is afoot. Let’s go over the headline news:

Pub Dates

After speaking to my editor at Tor, I have learned that we have *tentative* pub dates for next year. Remember that in publishing, no date is fixed until it’s past. However, barring a major crisis in the revision process or Amazon invading a small country, the SPELLWRIGHT paperback is penciled in for June 2011 and SPELLBOUND hardback for July 2011—which, if my medical schedule holds, will be smack in the middle of my OB-GYN rotation. I’m dubbing it National Catching Babies and Publishing Books Month in Charltonia. We’re a small country populated by two types of stressed out bald people: newborns and Blake.

Readercon Schedule!

In 24 hours I will hop on an airship and fly out to palm-tree infested Boston. Once I’ve taken in the surf and had a few mai tais, I will be partaking in the wonderful Readercon, which has a truly impressive guest list. If you’re all in the area, you should check it out. Check below for my official Readercon Schedule.

The Bar (whenever I’m not somewhere else). IMNSHO, hanging out at the bar and chatting it up is the best part of a con. Please stop by and come say hi. I’ll usually be chatting with friends or typing away at my laptop—I always seem to find writing inspiration at a cons. Either way, come distract me. The whole point of getting there is to hang out with people there.

The Meat and the Motion: The Body and Physicality in Spec Fic. (Saturday 1:00 PM, Salon F: Panel) Athena Andreadis, Elizabeth Bear (L), Blake Charlton, Anil Menon, Kestrell Verlager.

Hard sf often treats the body as a meat machine: interchangeable, expandable with parts of other bodies or gadgetry, even disposable. Paranormal romance and urban fantasy stories, however, are highly physical and personal: people gasp, bleed, wrestle, have sex, throw up, pass out. What makes some types of speculative fiction more conducive to discussion of sensation and movement? And what leads some writers to embrace the physical while others ignore, amend, or even deny it?

Autographing (Saturday 2:00 PM): Me chilling with one or two other people and chatting up the fans of bigger fish authors. Come keep me company!

Kaffeeklatsch (Sunday 11:00 AM, Vinyard): If the bar is not your scene, the Kaffeeklatsch is a relaxed way to hang out with an author. I strongly recommend them! Historically, mine have been low key. I’ve been known to bring a deck of cards and turn the whole thing into a quick game, but really anything goes.

Reading (Sunday 2:00 PM, VT): My dog and pony show in which I read about 15 min of SPELLWRIGHT and answer questions. If a bunch of people have already read the first book, or if there’s enough demand, I’ll read a sneak peak from SPELLBOUND.


18 Responses to “Tentative Publication Dates & Readercon Schedule”

  • Oh, so you are that kind of doctor…hmm…
    Very interesting.
    Well, congratulations on finalizing a release date, though it still seems quite far away. And all those babies that will be born haven’t even been conceived yet. Really puts things into perspective.

    • Ha. Well, to be honest. I’m presently no kind of doctor. As a medical student we rotate through all the major specialties: surgery, medicine, pediatrics, OB-GYN, psychiatry, etc.

      and you do make an interesting point about those babies i will catch. huh. 🙂

      • That’s really interesting, I didn’t know that. So how long do you do each rotation for and when do you decide which kind of medicine you want to specialize in? Is there one that you are currently leaning towards? (sorry if these questions are off topic but I’m just really curious about all this now.)

        • For the Big Three (pediatrics, internal medicine, and surgery) we do two months. then there’s a month and a half for OB-GYN other required rotations (like the intensive care unit, or family medicine) are a month long, and you can take electives, usually in sub specialties like radiology or cardiology. In the American system, you apply after a year of rotations, but because you need to get rec letters etc, you have to decide about 2/3rds the way through that year. Hard for me to say at this point, but from what I’ve seen, I like “hospital medicine” which is division of internal medicine or pediatrics. but trying to keep the door open and all that 🙂

  • Right. What /kind/ of game? >.> Cos I could clean up if it’s blackjack. Or old maid. I’m good at that one, too.

    EXCEPT I WON’T BE AT READERCON because I will be moving and cleaning out the old place and also I am broke like a broke thing *sob*

    Still thinking about DragonCon, though. Hint, hint.

  • Also…

    “…Amazon invading a small country…”

    …You know that could totally happen. I’m just waiting to see it in the headlines.

  • You elect a dealer and a certain number of hands to play to, then rotate. 🙂

  • I bet even the babies have more hair than you. I had a full set of hair as a baby. 😀 So that makes only one bald-headed citizen in your Charltonia.

    ALSO: I wish summer was lazy like it was in high school.

    I also wish for my country Harryland to forge an alliance with Charltonia. Shall we pass an edict?

  • Ahh, rather exciting! It’s good to have times down in my calendar [which I am yet to purchase, obviously, so technically this is all metaphysical] which I can schedule for bein’ excited!

    Just curious, but is citizenship of Charltonia depend upon natural baldie-nessness, or can kryptonite-induced baldness count?

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