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Guerilla Reading in *NYC* this Saturday!

Dearly Beloved You All,

This weekend, I’ve decided to leave palm-tree infested Boston for the rugged boreal forest that is Greater New York. I hear the Queens wood elk can been seen this time of year, along with the Yonkers moose, the Lower East Side Woodrat, and the tight-pantsed Williamsburg hipster.

I also have heard that there’s a bumping SFF community in the NYC forest and that putting together a reading amid the evergreens could be fun. So tuck in your flannel, pull up your suspenders, hum the Monty Python’s Lumberjack Song and stop by.

Saturday, August 7th at 4pm

Participants : Laura Anne Gilman, David Barr Kirtley, Saladin Ahmed, & Yours Truly

Door Prizes: Copies of The Living Dead edited by JJ Adams, a copy of Flesh and Fire by LA Gilman, and a copy of Spellwright

Lurkers: Peter V. Brett

Borders Books Columbus Circle (in the 2nd story of the mall)

It’ll be a casual event, featuring  local SFF authors reading, signing, or drinking a pint of beer afterwards.

But Blake, you say,  I am stuck in the taxi-choked metropoli of Northern Nevada, the Oklahoma panhandle, and/or Saskatchewan. For you, my city slicker friend, I offer a ray of entertainment from the Fantasy  Writing Bad Cop to my Good Cop, the indomitable Sam Sykes.


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