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Todd Lockwood’s Beautiful SPELLBOUND Cover Art

I’m very proud to introduce Spellbound‘s breathtaking US cover. Art by the amazing Todd Lockwood, art direction by the super talented Irene Gallo. For a description about the process of making the cover and how it fits into the story of Spellbound click through to my Tor.com post on the art.

UPDATE: Reviews of the cover art are now up on A Dribble of Ink, LEC Book Review, and Suvudu.


6 Responses to “Todd Lockwood’s Beautiful SPELLBOUND Cover Art”

  • This is so utterly cool!

    My first thought was, of course: OMG Massive Dragon WIN!

    My second: OMG great non-European protag WIN! Yay yay yay! (Sad to have to cheer for this, but yanno…)

  • 🙂 thank you for the kind words! and yes, i was very pleased with Todd’s representation of Nico this time around (he was okay last time, but wasn’t wild about the sideburns). Nico is actually based on my host brother, with whom I lived in Morocco when I was a teen.

  • I’m also geeking out on the writing up the edges of the wings. Very spell-constructy. You are one lucky author. 🙂

  • Love it! How fun!

  • @Mary: what do you mean “it’s sad having to cheer”? It’s happy! I’m happy that your cheering!(coming from a guy of color)
    Blake! I LOVE this cover! It’s Epic and Simple at the same time!

  • That is SO cool. Looking forward to the sequel.

    Laura J. Underwood (librarian and author)

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