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World Fantasy 2010 Pregame Report

Dearly Beloved YOU GUYS:

The annual, ritualistic gathering of lovers and writers of fantasy literature is upon us! Last year’s ritualistic gathering in my hometown was grand, as documented here, here, and here. This year promises to be just as good. Check out the 2010 website and its official schedule [PDF].

This year will be the first I attend with a book on the shelves, as such it’s going to be crowded with business meetings, interviews, panels. However, if you’re going to be there, I’d love to meet up.

If you’d like to see me in ‘official’ capacity drop by the “Continued Viability of Epic Fantasy” panel on Saturday, 11AM. Here’s the descriptor “How has this evolved in the 50-plus years since Tolkien hit it big?” It features the marvelous David B. Coe, John Fultz, David Drake, Freda Warrington, and Yours Truly.  David’s moderating, and if he’s got half the wit he had at last WFC, it should be a great time.

If you’re more into parties than panels, drop by the Tor Party Saturday night (location TBD) to hang out with Tor authors and editors. I’ll likely get there around 9ish.

If informal socializing is more your style, be sure to come up and say in the hotel bar. I’m usually camped out there during the day with my laptop but am always looking to close the thing to chat with folks. I’m ussually camped out there at night too, sans laptop.

I regularly check twitter with whatever hashtag the con is using (#wfc I imagine or maybe #wfc2010?)

Hope to see you there!


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