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Personally, I Welcome Our New Speculative Fiction Overlord

Dearly Beloved YOU PEOPLE:

It’s go time with the last revision of Spellbound. As such, until we put this manuscript into production in a few weeks, I’m gonna  pretty much not be on the internets. Till then, I’m going to leave this post up as a diversion-until-I-return post.

And what better place to divert you to than to the man who clandestinely and benevolently has poised himself to take over speculative fiction with a plush-covered iron first of sensitive and compelling prose OF DOOM. I’m speaking of course of Daniel Abraham. In the spirit of full disclosure, I admit to being an Abraham fanboy. Daniel is a friend and I was nothing less than humbled that he write a puff for Spellwright. Here’s a picture of Daniel and me at the backstage pre-Hugo Award party, in Denver 2008. Daniel was up for a Hugo; I snuck in as someone’s date.

So this is not an objective assessment of the DA. However, I gotta lot of evidence why you should be a DA fanboy as well. Let’s start with his short fiction. Daniels’ novelette Flat Diane was nominated for the Nebula . While his The Cambist and Lord Iron: a Fairytale of Economics was nominated for the Hugo Award and the World Fantasy Award.

Then there are his books. The The Long Price Quartet is the best epic fantasy series (and it’s _completed_) I have read in the past ten years, hands down. If you’re serious about epic fantasy and you haven’t read this books woe and book shopping upto you, my friend. Top of my reading list for the coming year is Daniel’s forthcoming epic fantasy series, The Dagger and Coin. But epic fantasy is too small to hold Daniel, so he’s written some acclaimed urban fantasy series The Black Sun’s Daughter under the name MLN Hanover, and along with Ty Franck is about to publish a kick-ass space opera (Ye right and honorable GRRM said so, so it must be true) Leviathan Wakes.

Incase you weren’t counting that’s Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Space Opera. See what I mean about the plush-covered iron first of sensitive and compelling prose OF DOOM? Personally, I welcome our new speculative fiction overlord.

While you marinate on all the above, you can check out his casually brilliant blog posts:


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