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Spellwright’s French Cover & a New UK Cover

Tis the season for cover art. As you might have seen, Spellwright recently received a beautiful German cover with Nicodemus in full kick-ass mode. Today, I’m very proud to unveil the book’s eye-catching Frech cover.

I’m very happy to report that Mortilège–a melange of sortilège (spell) and mort (death)–is one of the titles that will launch the Territoires list of young adult novels from Fleuve Noir. How do I feel about the book being marketed as YA? I love it. How do I feel about books that appeal to young people (especially young men) in in general? You already know I think they’re vitally important. But in particular, I love this representation of the book. This isn’t Nicodemus in his bad-ass mode; this is Nicodemus right before he attempts a spell he will most likely dangerously misspell. The model’s expression perfectly captures the cross between a sensation of wonder and that “Ohhhhhh shit!” feeling I often felt when contending with my disability. It’s a darker cover to the story, one I appreciate.

Also in the wonderful things-wonderful in December is Voyager’s new cover art for Spellwright. No disrespect to the old UK cover; it served us well. But I admire the clean lines and the focus on textuality this cover presents. It’s a beautiful depiction of the the Numinous language. I think, unlike any other cover, this one captures the scientific nature of the world’s magic system.

I can’t share it yet, but I’ve seen the cover art for Spellbound, and it provides a wonderful continuation of the theme by illustrating the magical language that drives the plot of Spellbound forward.


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  • Ack! Does that mean I’m going t’have to buy a new book if I want my full set of books to match!

    Sneaky, Blake. Sneaky.
    [S’damn purdy though!]

    • oh, ionno. you have the UK hardback? it looks like…mm…yeah. Spellwright’s paperback is going to be a b-format(5.12″ x 7.8″)but Spellbound’s going to be Trade, which (i believe) is the same dimensions as a hardback. not the best for series consistency…but will get more (and cheaper) books to readers faster. give and take and all that…

      • Hey, whatever gets the story to more folk, that’s what I say! I suppose I’ll just have to live with the Trade, heh.

        Also, happy new year!

        • agreed! apparently it has a lot to do with shipping the things around merry olde england and getting them into store fronts (crosses all possible appendages.)

  • Peter Davies

    5:26 am Jan-3-2011



    I Loved the book, fantasy wrighting seems tp ba having a revival at the moment with some talented story tellers publishing. Is there any plans for or an eta on a sequel?

    • Hi peter! thanks so much for the kind words. 2011 is looking like a great year for fantasy lit. Spellbound, the sequel, will be hitting bookstores in the US in August. I don’t have dates on the UK or translated editions. I hope you’ll be checking it out! 😉

  • Hi Blake,

    I see you read the posts on these blogs so I thought I would leave you a quick conglatulatory message from “little olde england”.

    I downloaded your book from Amazon kindle after it was recommended to me by them after I had finished reading Brent Weeks’s “The Black Prism”.

    And, may I just say, I can see why they did! I have rarely enjoyed two books so much. Brent surpassed his Night Angel trilogy with his new book and, to be honest, after reading it I was a little disheartened as I thought I had been spoilt and would not enjoy another book until the second in the series came out.

    Then I downloaded Spellwright and was overjoyed to find a book just as engrossing and enthralling! My only dissapointment is that I have to wait until autumn (fall to you guys I guess?) for your next book!

    Your main character struck so many chords with me. I too am dyslexic and have only managed to get by because I have learnt words by rote. When you described Nicodemus’s “gift” of understanding Wrixlan due to it being a “logical” language it left me longing to have been raised in a similarly constucted language to I could have felt less of an outcast!

    Anyway, well done and thank you for Spellwright Blake! I hope you don’t mind me comparing you to Bent Weeks. (I certainly wouldn’t) I look forward to your next book!



    • Hi Andy! Thank you so kindly for these words 🙂 It helps so much to know that readers are connecting to the characters, esp those readers who’ve struggled with the wildness of English spelling. Sorry for the wait for the second book; I was orginally hoping to launch it in the spring. However, once I get through the copy edits, I’ll post the first few chapters somewhere on the internets. And I don’t mind being compared to to Brent at all! He’s a great friend and a wonderful writer. So long as you don’t compare our haircuts (not fair to him), I’m flattered by the comparison 😉

  • If it’s any consolation, although I’m sure it isn’t, I have the same styling problems as you! But I’m told it’s a sign of virility and manliness!

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