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Spellwright’s German Cover!

I showed this wonderful bit of artwork off on Facebook and Twitter yesterday, but thought it’d be nice to have a higher res version here. The book ‘s title is “Nicodemus Der Zauberverschreiber” and will be published by Klett Cotta in February (pre-order here). See below for my thoughts and check back next week for my French cover–a very different take, but equally awesome.

My thoughts? I love it! It’s definitely an imagining of Nicodemus in one of the few situations when his disability does not affect him, and his complexion is pale compared to the olive brown describe in the text. But the ambiance of Starhaven and the living gargoyles are beautifully rendered. Most impressive is the luminescent Magnus spell he’s holding. Wunderbar!


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  • OOO, yours is really pretty. What’s the title?

    • thank you, luv. It’s “Nicodemus Der Zauberverschreiber,” which (and i might be mistake) is something like Nicodemus the magic word writer. Now’ll have to hunt down yours 😉

  • That is awesome. Welcome to Deutschland!

  • Spencer Pranger

    9:55 am Dec-10-2010


    Wow that is an amazing cover! I really like what it portrays. I don’t like it nearly as much as the cover for spellbound, but do think it’s much cooler than the English Spellwright cover.

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  • Wow. To give you such a cover is a sign of great commitment by a German publisher. Original illustrations with that much details are rare over here.

    The title is bad German – I’m quite sure that “Verschreiber” isn’t a word. It means: Nicodemus, who writes magic incorrectly. German isn’t always longwinded 😉

  • I think I got a little over-excited when I saw this cover, it sent me on a massive search for the earliest pre-order I could find for Spellbound, hah.

    It’s okay, I’ve calmed down now. I suppose I can wait for the UK cover release [otherwise my covers willn’t match!]. Looks damn pretty though sir!

  • Harry Markov

    7:32 am Dec-12-2010



  • I like the cover too 🙂

    German is a difficult language.
    Verschreiber is no common used noun.
    I know it as a nickname for doctors who prescribe medics.

    I agree with Monika that it is bad German.
    I discussed it with my wife.
    I asked her for the meaning of Zauberverschreiber.
    She answered spontaneous. hat is someone who prescribes magic.
    But we both think the publisher tried the best in order to keep the title short.

    A spontaneous alternative.

    Der Zauschreibverber
    Der Zauberverschreiber

    But I think that would be too progressive for Germany.

  • Oops! html didn’t work

    I mean
    Der Zauschreibverber — crossed out followed by
    Der Zauberverschreiber

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  • the titel works well in german.
    i am from germany and i love this book.
    can´t wait for the second one.
    zauber means mage
    verschreiber means someone who prescribe everything.

    • Hi T.
      Thanks for stopping by. I was really impressed with how closely my German translator worked with me. From everything I have heard, she did a wonderful job. If you end up picking up the book’s sequel, I’d love to hear what you think! 🙂

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