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Belated, Updated

Dearly Beloved You Guys:

My high school football coach was fond of the zen phrase “There are no excuses; only reasons.” Problem was, he belted out said gem of tranquility while exhorting me and other semi-armored pubescents to compromise each others’ skeletal systems. Not. So. Zen. Like.

But these days, I’ve found that phrase bouncing around in my head, not so much because I’ve been feeling the need to sprint an oblong leather ball into a wall of my peers—though there was a moment in the DMV when said action seemed rather attractive—but because there’s a lot that I’ve had to stop doing in the past two months. Chief among them, blogging. *Le sad French sigh*

Let me explain. In January, I began the clinical phase of my medical education. This consists of discreet ‘rotations’ into the major branches of medicine (surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine, etc). While on a rotation, nearly all of my attention is dedicated to helping my patients, learning, and not sounding (too) dumb in front of my attending physicians. There’s also minimal progress to be made on my novels and research projects. That doesn’t leave much time for navel gazing…or sleep. So non-essential activates, such as blogging, tweeting, facebooking, plotting world domination, etc., fall by the wayside. I’m not trying to make an excuse, only supply a reason. ::Tiny gong of football coach zen::

In the future, I’ll post when I’ll be away from the blogosphere and provide a diversion link to some wonderful blogs, such as How to Kill Your Imaginary Friends, for example.

Happily, this month is a research month and so I’m able to catch up with the online world. As such, I’ve got some wonderful bits of news to share. Here they all are:

  • Yesterday, I mailed off the completed copy edit for Spellbound to my editor at Tor.
  • Presently the US publication date for Spellbound is set as September 13th 2011.
    • Caveat: Publishers often move dates around by a few weeks.
    • I should have a UK publication date (and cover art) to announce fairly soon.
  • I’m honored that Spellwright has been nominated for two awards!
  • The UK Hardbacks of Spellwright have sold out! If you’d like one, better search for a bookseller that has them on the shelves or in stock; there’s not to be another printing of the book with extra U’s until the UK paperbacks roll out in March.
  • The Dutch version of Spellwright (De Taal der Spreuken) is sold out and going into a second printing!
  • Nicodemus is now misspelling the German language! (Nicodemus Der Zauberverschreiber)
  • My novelette “Endosymbiont” is going to be translated into Polish by Nowa Fantastyka.
  • I’ve managed to make a few more posts on my research team’s website, and it might be of interest to any medical types out there.


14 Responses to “Belated, Updated”

  • I think your readers understand you have other obligations and responsibilities, outside the wonderful world of dragons, spellwrights and magic! Congratulations on the nominations!!

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  • I certainly agree with Ms Makepeace; While it’s always cool to read your blogs* I like to hope that most of us get that you’re a person, not just an Author**. Being a Doctor-man-in-training while authorialising must be as tough as – the fact that you take time out to write blogs is a wicked added extra, methinks.

    I tend to get itchy around the 7-year mark – Beyond Good & Evil 2, for example, sure better be awesome. So even should worst come to worst and you get bogged down in something blasé, like saving lives, curing diseases or other similar, less interesting past-times, I’ll certainly be there, a decade down the line reading your next bookses.

    * Found myself re-reading your #Amazonfail blog t’other day, t’was a pleasant distillation of merriment, thankee!
    ** Oh yes, capitalised, baby!

    Congrats on the nominations, selling out[but in the good way] and new foreign translations by the way!

    • Grr. Missed a line there – shockingly, considering the size of the post, eep!

      I’ll certainly be there, a decade down the line reading your next bookses; and I’m confident I shan’t be alone!

      • Which should of course say “…confident I /wouldn’t/ be alone” urgh. I’m going to stop now. Honest.

        Do me a favour and pretend the above is coherent and insightful? Thxkbye!

    • Beyond Good & Evil 2 HAHA! man, i haven’t thought about that almost-game in a while. ::moment of silence for pre-med school self when i could play games:: 😉

      • Ooh, strangely enough, that is one game which is actually, and actively, in development! It should be with out in the next two years [barring issues, le sigh]!

        BG&E HD should be out sometime this year on PSN and X-Box live! [he says, before suddenly realising that he sounds like an advert.

        Good stuff!

  • I knew you were doing rotations, but I did want to chime in and say that I miss chatting to you on Twitter!!

    Anyway hurray for Spellbound being turned in and all the other good news. Am keeping my fingers crossed for the Gemmell nominations 😀

  • Loved your book (De Taal der Spreuken, yes, the now sold out Dutch version). Was just a bit disapointed to learn it is the first of a triology and books 2 and 3 aren’t finished yet.

    So…stop blogging and start writing ;-);-);-)

    • haha. thank you for letting me know! just finished the copy edits on book two so we’re going to send the manuscript over to Luitingh-Sijthoff ASAP 🙂

  • I wouldn’t call plotting world domination non-essential. 😉

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