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Gone Head Shrinking (Diversion Post)

Dearly Beloved You Guys:

Today starts my rotation in psychiatry. As the son of two shrinks, this day has long been anticipated by clan Charlton. A strong desire to uphold the family honor and to “not suck” (that’s a biomedical technical term) will likely keep me from much internet activity until April when I’m back to research and writing.

News wise, I’m happy to report the paperbacks of Spellwright are running loose in the British Isles and the German translations have landed on shelves in Deutschland.

But, should you feel that you need to get your SFF medical fix, I strongly recommend you visit Dr. Grasshopper over at How to Kill Your Imaginary Friends.

(P.S. Despite the suspicions of some and a few rather amusing emails attempting to “prove” otherwise, I am not Dr. Grasshopper. This is readily evident by the “Dr.” in front of Grasshopper’s name. I am merely a medical student. So, if you run across a blog run by a “Student Doctor Skitter” or “Pillbug MS3,” you should maybe grow suspicious, but not until then. Furthermore, I have had the pleasure of meeting Grasshopper MD and can report that we are different human beings. )



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  • Does it make the case more or less convincing if I post a comment on your post?

    We shall see, I suppose!

    Thanks for the shout-out, Student Doctor Skitter!

    -Dr. Grasshopper (not Blake Charlton, I swear! Really!)

  • The very best of luck to you in this (quite frankly) most enjoyable and occasionally entertaining environment! Speaking as one who works in this field, albeit in a nursing/therapist role, I can guaruntee that you will experience some of the most challenging and entrtaining moments of your career!

    Top tips for you are; take everything you’re told by patients (and some staff) with a pinch of salt, talk to and take head of the nursing staff! They have a wealth of experience and generally spend more time with and have a better knowledge of the patients! And finally, learn how to keep your face straight and not laugh outrageously when being told some of the more bizzarre delusions! (and, yes, this does include the staff!)

    Keep an open mind and enjoy yourself! And welcome to the dark side! 🙂


  • Dion Charlton

    4:09 pm Aug-12-2011


    This looked as good as any spot to say, “Hello.” Just finished “Spellwright'” and really enjoyed the characters and complexity of the plot. I really bought the book because of your last name and mine being the same and was relieved it was such a fun read. I am a long-time writer of poetry of a surrealistic/obtuse type and I am often working on emotional trigger words and trying to convey several meanings within one sentence, so the book was fun with its wordplay. I am a male nurse, so you being in the medical field was an interesting congruency (I specialized in mental health for many years). Anyway…hope you’re a distant cousin but, no matter, I’ll be bragging you up to my SF friends. I plan to contribute to your college fund and rush out and buy “Spellbound” soon. Keep up the hard work and keep that sense of humor (no matter how twisted the medical field will make it become). – a fellow Charlton

  • Dion Charlton

    4:17 pm Aug-12-2011


    Oh- P.S. I’m as bald as the proverbial cue ball. LOL! -Dion

    • Hi Dion, Thanks so much for the kind words! It’s always great to hear from another Charlton. It seems there are a few of us scattered across the states–mostly in the south east as far as I can tell. It’s great to hear your combining poetry with medicine; I always thought the two shared much more in common than most folk realize. If you do pick up Spellbound, I’d love to hear what you think of it! 🙂

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