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Vote on the Gemmell Awards!

Dearly Beloved You People,

Polls have opened for the David Gemmell awards in fantasy literature. If you’ve got two second to make two clicks, please hope over to the Morningstar Award for best debut fantasy and pick your favorite. I’m hoping you’ll vote for Spellwright but there are some amazing books on that list so go where your heart tells you. I’m honored and grateful just to be on the same list as  all those fantastic authors! I very much admire what the Gemmell Award is doing for fantasy and think it’s a great way for the reading community to interact; you can also vote for best fantasy and for best artwork.

In other news, I’ve finished up my psychiatry rotation and have a month to get back to writing. Presently, I’m cranking through the “proofs” of Spellbound and scheming for it’s launch in August/September!


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