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Early Reviews of Spellbound

My one day away from the children’s hospital this week just flashed by and now I find myself scrambling to blog before the madness begins again at 0500. Sigh.

In any case, I’m very happy to report that there have been three published reviews of Spellbound, all of which I have summarized below.

Romantic Times

This is a well-written and densely plotted story that features characters with disabilities in a positive and prominent manner. Nico and Francesca are both multidimensional and fascinating protagonists and their burgeoning partnership is a joy to see develop. Fans of secondary world fantasy should definitely check this series out.

Bookworm Blues

Spellbound starts with a bang, meaning that events seem to be at a crescendo from the very start, and the pace of things keeps going throughout. While there are quieter moments, the plot never seems to slow past breakneck speed. Wrapped in this quickly moving plot are plenty of interesting mysteries and questions that will leave the reader hanging on to find out (or figure out, as the case may be) the answers.  Spellbound is an adventure fantasy filled with mystery, interesting characters and a unique world that mixes the fantasy cliché’s so many of us know and love, with a brand new feel that is purely Charlton. Spellbound is an improvement over Spellwright. It’s got the same fun feel, and the same loveable characters, but there’s a level of maturity, depth and growth in Spellbound that really makes it fly high. Charlton has made his mark. I am excited to see where he can take us next.


The cast of characters in this book is varied and complex. For those readers who enjoyed the first book in this series, this tale will add to the already complex story line, finishing off certain threads while illuminating new ones.




6 Responses to “Early Reviews of Spellbound”

  • Woohoo! I pre-ordered my copy today.

    • woot! can’t wait to hear what you think. and i have no doubt you’ll tell me in the frankest possible terms 😉 i respect that about you tyson.

  • I am not surprised that folk have nothing but good things to say sir! Congratumalations! I am thoroughly looking forward to devouring this one through my eye-goggles.

    • oh they’ll be plenty of negative things; there always are. but to hear about those, you’ll have to show up to one of the few dive bars around campus and sit next to me at the bar 😉

  • That’s wonderful that you are already racking up those positive reviews. I’ve heard good things on Twitter as well from those who are currently reading Spellbound.

  • I’m so excited- I had no idea that you wrote fantasy and science fiction! It was the saving grace of my young adult life as well. Still the only books that I reread until the covers slowly start to peel off and the pages have to be stuffed back into place. Nice to meet a fellow traveler… and so pleased for you!

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