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New Foreign Cover Art

Dearly Beloved You Guys:

By the time you read this, my week on the well-baby nursery will be afoot. Let’s hold the phone for a moment to think about well-babies. They’re cute. They pee and poop with abandon, and their physical findings are strange. Consider heart sounds. In the adult, the healthy human heart produces a lub’dub… lub’dub… lub’dub consisting for four separate, synchronized sounds –it’s like a barbershop quartet. I spent two years promoting Stanford’s attempt to revitalize the physical exam,  so I feel quite comfortable listening to adult heart sounds. In fact, I enjoy it. It’s reassuring to hear a healthy heart, and an abnormal rhythm presents a diagnostic puzzle. In the neonate…well..all four sounds are there…and, one hopes, the rhythm is regular…however…well…the rate… You see, an adult heart rate shouldn’t get much higher than 99 beats per minute. The neonate heart, however, will normally fly along at 170 beats per minute. In effect, the neonate heart is still like a barbershop quartet, but the quartet is anxious, and singing double time, and high on amphetamines.

In short, I feel completely unprepared to examine los personas muy pequeños. And yet…so it goes with medical training–read a lot; know a little; jump into the clinic; learn a bit more; repeat. So, if you have a second, wish me luck with the wee ones.

Anyway, let’s get on with the post. A few bits of news.

  • Latest I’ve heard, the pub date for the UK edition of Spellbound has been pushed back to September 29th. Why? Something to do with publishing schedules beyond my or your or any one mortal’s control. Oh, yeah, and there’s some guy named GRRM who’s got some kinda epic fantasy book, or something, that’s supposed to be soaking up all the attention. Maybe you heard of this RR guy.
  • Also, the Spanish cover! Estoy muy satisfecho con el debut de la cobertura en español de “Spellbound”. Me encanta el diseño icónico y colores vivos. Espero que los lectores en España y América Latina están de acuerdo. (Spanish speakers: if your feeling charitable, let me know how badly I screwed up the grammar there.)

  • Also, the Dutch cover art for Spellbound is out. What do I think of it? Well, you’ll have to wait until I’ve learned enough Dutch to tell you, don’t you? Why don’t you tell me what you think of it.






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  • Good luck with the tiny people!
    I’ve marked September 29th in my calendar and I think the Dutch cover is awesome. Jesse did an amazing job!

  • It’s interesting how different each of the covers are. The Dutch one is pretty cool.
    Good luck with the babies. It is frightening how fragile they are (particularly when they are your responsibility) though I’m sure you’ll do great. And I hope all the hearts you listen to will be healthy ones.

    • you are _not_ kidding about the responsibility thing. It’s such a relief to be able to give the kid back to the parents at the end of the interview; not that I’ll be able to do that on the in-patient next month…but so far, so good. Thanks so much for the kind words!

  • Dear Mr. Charlton.

    The dutch cover art is great, and is in line with the cover art for ‘De taal der spreuken’. The green color is pretty much how I imagine one of the magic languages. The candle adds a touch of myth, however the dragon candle holder is exactly the same as the cover art of ‘Taal der spreuken’, maybe a different one, or not a dragon at all. The dark context contrast well with the spot highlight of the candle. So, in short, a very nice cover. Jesse (and Karel) really know their game 🙂

    So, it is only a matter of weeks rather than months before the dutch version of spellbound is out? Emmy did a really really great job on the translation spellwright, I hope she’s is currently working on ‘De macht der spreuken’. As I’ve enjoyed the first book, I’m really looking forward to read the sequel. As soon it’s out, I’ll go get it.


    • Hello Nico! Thanks so much for weighing in. I agree that the continuity between the covers is great. I was hoping for a different candle holder, but can’t complain. Everyone at Luitingh-Sijthoff has done a fantastic job. I’ve heard nothing but praise for Emmy’s translation (though I’ve never, virtually, met her) and hopes she’s getting enough credit. Some of my other translators have told me that I’m a headache to translate 😉

  • I hope your week with the wee ones went well! [Oooh, gotta love unintentional alliteration.] Both those covers look purdy, it’s a shame we only get one or two covers here.

    Publication is confusing. GRRM is out now and I am resisting, rather successfully I feel, to rush out and buy it [deadlines]. Maaan, I want me some Spellbound!

  • Carles Lario

    3:00 am Nov-4-2011



  • Hi Blake,

    I just got the dutch version last night and I’m somewhere halfway trough by now 🙂

    Where the first book starts very sound and fresh, I had some trouble getting back into the story. I understand the option to start off with Fran’s performing her proffesion, however it is something very hard to describe well (maybe it’s just the translation, where I notice that it was done under a time limit, maybe should get the english version :-).

    Now, once things get rolling, and you are updated about where we left off in the first part of the saga, I enjoyed it very very much, and the rest is looking promissing. Can’t wait to read to the finish!

    Good job, and thanks for the great story telling!

    ps. It’s a great achievment to pour so much of your day to day life into Nicodemus and Fran(cesca) and I appreaciate it very much.

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