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Spellbound Book Tour

Dearly Beloved You Guys:

So, I’m nearly halfway through my pediatrics rotation and loving it. The kids are, as to be expected, unbelievably cute. More on that later. Possibly much later. Now I’ve very excited to announce Spellbound’s book tour. This year it’s looking like I’ll be running up and down the left side of the country; however, Stanford has graciously given me some time away from the hospital, so if you know of a bookstore, book club, or school that would be especially keen on having me come talk or read, let me know and I might be able to make it somewhere near or at least closer to you.

Meanwhile, here’s the schedule. I will be signing first editions US hardbacks at all the bookstores and most will be selling them online. Links provided. I’ll be trying to put together small get together’s before or after so that I an get a coffee/beer/sarsaparilla with anyone who wants to chat. Lemme know if you’re keen!

In other news, I did the usual requesting, charming, begging to get ARCs into the hands into as many reviewers as possible. So if you asked for one, hopefully it’s gotten there already or it’s on the way.


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