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More Spellbound Reviews, More Book Tour

My rotation in pediatrics finished up with a month on the general medicine service at Stanford’s academic pediatrics center, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. It was the most demanding month of medical school so far, not only in terms of hours worked but also in terms of personal challenges. Many of my fundamental beliefs–some of them previously held only unconsciously–about health, healing, and dying were tested, broken, repaired. Like everything else in medical training, it all happened too fast to understand. Looking back now, it is hard to remember why I was so upset, elated, or worried. Perhaps with time and reflection, things become clearer.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to report that Spellbound has received a few more wonderful reviews.

*STARRED REVIEW* A well-written and cleverly presented fantasy with strong characters and surprising plot twists, this saga should appeal to those who enjoyed its predecessor as well as fans of Terry Brooks and L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Library Journal

Spellbound is a fun, exciting read, one that deserves the attention and more of its predecessor. Rather than retread over old ground, Charlton has paved his way forward based on the lessons learned (presumably from his own experiences) in the prior book, building and expanding them aggressively in the second. The story is loaded with interesting characters, a story that works well and that comes unexpectedly at points, and a world that is worth returning to often. The result is a rich, textured read, one that shows what fantasy should be when it encounters a creative and curious mind, a second novel that doesn’t disappoint. I’m already waiting for the final book in the trilogy.

Worlds in a Grain of Sand

Simultaneously epic and intimate, high-flying and grounded, funny and dark, suspenseful and emotional, Spellbound is a daring new work of fantasy that pushes the Spellwright Trilogy closer to its conclusion while remaining just as emotionally and intellectually challenging as the first installment, and just as compelling as a standalone work due to its expert character study.

Rob Will Review

In other news, the upcoming Spellbound book tour has grown larger. I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll now be traveling to Houston and Dallas in addition to the previous destinations. Here’s the line up so far.


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  • Sadly I don’t see Israel on your list. *sigh* No one ever comes here other than musicians and politicians. Though it’s cool that you’re doing a signing with Kate Elliott (who claims to have come to Israel) because I’ve been reading her books since my early days as a fantasy reader and I’d love to meet her. Of course, I’d love to meet you as well 😉

    • I’d love to go to Israel! It’s definately on my list-of-places-i-have-to-go-before-i-die. But that list seems to only be getting longer and my time and travel funds don’t seem to be increasing proportionally. But if/when I do get out there, here’s to meeting up in a bookstore at some point. And I’m very excited to read with Kate! I’ve known her for a long while but never read with here. I’ll see if I can get someone one to video it so I can post bits of it 😉

  • 5 stars *****
    Spellwright is my favorite read of 2011. I cannot wait to read the sequel. Charlton has created a wonderful, well imagined world, and filled it with characters that are easy to love. Spellwright: a book of words about a world of words. Head over to goodreads.com to see more 5 star reviews of Spellwright.

  • Hi Charlton,

    I just ordered the dutch version spellbound! It’s said to be shipping 15-11-2011, so I can’t wait to find it in my mailbox!


    • Fantastic! I’m very excited to see how Spellbound does in the Netherlands; after the reception of Spellwright, I hope my expectations aren’t too high.

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