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My Second Bookday & Booktour

Dearly Beloved You People:

Bookdays are to authors what birthdays are to everyone. The analogy is a pretty good one: each is an excuse to party, each may cause joy or anxiety, and we attach a great significance to each even though little to nothing of importance actually happens on the given day. That said, today is my second book day, and it has so far been wonderful! My heartfelt thanks to out to everyone of the Dearly Beloved You People who have wished me well on this blog, Facebook, & Twitter. So, how about a few things to celebrate?

1) More Sample Chapters! I’m excited that Aidan over at A Dribble of Ink is showing off chapters 3 & 4 of Spellbound! (Chapters 1 & 2 up via Tor.com).

2) Some new free fiction: I’ve got one or two stories in the trunk that I think are weird enough that I probably can’t sell them anywhere and think it might be fun to throw one or two up on this blog to celebrate the launch. Check back tomorrow.

3) Booktour details: I implore you to come to any one of these wonderful indies. Also, I’ve been practicing my authorial new-book-schtick, and I hate to brag (not really) but I’m serve up a pretty damn good new-book-schtick.

In other news, the upcoming Spellbound book tour has grown larger. I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll now be traveling to Houston and Dallas in addition to the previous destinations. Here’s the line up so far.


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  • Free fiction?! I am so there!

    • It’s all cued up for 0600 tomorrow 😉 and if you make it down the peninsula early friday, come hangout in the coffee shop next to the store. i’ll be with the yale thing, but could use the company 😉

  • Isn’t the McMenamin’s gathering for the Powell’s event?

  • […] was author/med student Blake Charlton’s “second book day” and as he wrote on his blog, “Bookdays are to authors are what birthdays are to everyone.” His cause for […]

  • Jacob de Valle

    7:56 pm Oct-10-2011


    Just finished Spellwright last night, I honestly didn’t put it down for a day and a half.
    So when will it be released in Australia?
    Because as far as I can tell it hasn’t been if it has apolagies.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I think Spellwright is already out in Australia, Spellbound _should_ be out…but I know there are some delays between what happens in the UK and AUS… Like most things, the author is often the last to know 😉

  • Good evening,

    After finishing Pratchett’s “The Last Continent” (funny to see the Aussie comment above) I picked up Spellbound at the poolside of a very nice resort on Tenerife. (Un)fortunately I haven’t finished it yet but/and that gives me some more time reading. It’s been a very good read sofar and I’m looking forward to the rest.

    Seeing you have fun during your booktour and bookdays, you really should consider visiting Europe and The Netherlands in particular. There are some really nice stores and events that have writers come over and talk about their new books. Since both Spellwright (De Taal de Spreuken) and Spellbound (De Macht der Spreuken) have been translated and published, there’s a very good reason to drop by 🙂

    • Hi Anne, Amazingly, I have never been to The Netherlands and am dying to go. I love my Dutch publishers and all of the fans who have written to me. Rest assured I am saving up my nickles and dimes in hopes of one day skipping across the pond!

    • Also, thank you for the kind words about Spellbound; I hope the ending works for you!

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