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Back to the Wards

The time Stanford graciously allowed me to pause medical clerkships to write and promote Spellbound has gone with the last of the summer. It was wonderful. Book tour was much busier and more fun this year. The time to research, write, and think was a rare luxury. But now, summer’s over. School’s back in. I start my Internal Medicine rotation tomorrow. I am both a little sad to take the writerly corduroy jacket off and excited to put on the medical white coat back on.

Those of you who have been following for a while know the drill: I won’t have much non-hospital time and almost certainly no time to blog. So if you’re curious what’s happening in my life–both in terms of medicine and writing–click through to my  Facebook page, which I’ll try to keep current. Feel free to friend me once over there!


5 Responses to “Back to the Wards”

  • Don’t be gone too long, Blake! The community just isn’t the same without you in the midst of it – in or out of your corduroy.

    I do hope you’ll find the time to tweet at the very least, good sir…

  • When im not reading i turn on my computer open my internet browser and check various blogs. And this one being amoung my top favorites, i would be gutted if you left for too long!
    Having said that, i just finished Spellbound and and really liked it. I’ve read quite a few fantasy books and this one turns out to be one of my favorites! Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to read such a masterpiece. The plot kept surprising me, the characters were awesome and the action supreme!
    Again, thank you for creating such an excellent bundle of words and sentences that’ll leave every reader Spellbound!

    • Thank you for those kind words, Joe! So glad you enjoy the blog. I might get one or two posts off this autumn. But rest assured, I’ll get back to it in the winter. No promises about when I start the surgery rotation though 😉

  • Just thought I’d share this: http://hotword.dictionary.com/fontsfordyslexics/

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