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2014: Looking Back & Forward

One advantage of having a year’s end birthday is the opportunity for reflection: A year of life synchronized with a calendar year. 2014 and my 34th year were immensely busy. At their beginning, I was in the belly of intern year and still struggling to rewrite my third novel. Both tasks seemed endless at the time. Now at year’s end, I find myself a senior resident and halfway through medical training, or at least this phase of it. Spellbreaker has been rewritten and is, ever so slowly, working its way toward publication.

As I write this post, I must fight the urge to resort to numeric metrics for the measure of a year. (Sing the RENT theme song if you’d like.) I’ve always been one for making lists and this year has given me plenty: number of books read, number of patients pronounced dead, number of words written, number of academic articles published, number of patients who’ve recovered. Thinking of any one category brings back a range of emotions ranging from joy to grief, but is always accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. On balance, it makes me look forward to 2015 and 35. However, there is one metric about which I have little positive to write or feel: Number of works of fiction published. Zero is not the hoped for number.

Since last February, Spellbreaker has been revised and all but ready for publication. As before, we wait for my new editor to read through the past two books and revise the third. I’ve been unequivocally promised that I will have an edited manuscript back by January 20th. In March and May I have two month of outpatient (and therefore less demanding) medicine, which will allow me to turn the manuscript around quickly. As for the ultimate publication date, I won’t prognosticate too closely. Ten months from now would be fast but possible. A year is more likely. Any other date, seen on Amazon.com or Goodreads.com or wherever, is pure conjecture. As before, I will be doing little to no blogging or corresponding online as I work toward increasing my competence in writing and medicine. For those who are loyal enough to check in on the blog to see how the trilogy is progressing, know that I am amazingly grateful for your support and just as impatient as you are.

In the meantime, as we wait, I’ll continue to work on my fourth novel. More about that in 2015…







6 Responses to “2014: Looking Back & Forward”

  • Good for you – and good for us!! I hope 2015 is wonderful to you and yours.

  • We are all eagerly waiting, and will have patience for what is sure to be an amazing good book 🙂
    Just keep on whittling away at the publishing process!
    Have a great 2015:)

  • Let me know when the 3rd book will be published.

  • You third book is highly anticipated by your fans. Your true fans hope you will take your time and get it right for you. Although saying that your proclamation of a fourth book as sparked my interest. Hope to see your release date soon.
    Many thanks for the enjoyable reads so far.

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone! Very quick update: I turned in another revision of Spellbreaker. Mostly it’s polish–making it shorter, cutting out redundant scenes. Right now we’re looking at a US pub date in May/June 2016; UK to follow shortly thereafter. The rest of Europe, much harder to say.

    When I have time, I’m getting a draft for my fourth book (not a Spellwright novel)off the ground.

    When I have more definite pub dates, I’ll write a full update blog.

  • I CANNOT WAIT for Spellbreaker! I just finished the first two books and I’m not really a reader, I just happened upon the first book when I had some time to kill, and for them being the first books I’ve read in about the past decade (haha) they sure were wonderful. With the technology we have these days, I sure hope this trilogy gets turned into movies, I think they would be done great justice! Just take my money already! 🙂

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