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Spellbreaker Pub Date!

As always this blog post is overdue. However, I am happy to report that I have just confirmed with Tor Books that the US publication of Spellbreaker will land either in late spring or early summer 2016. I’m crossing my fingers for a June publication date.

The coming year will also see the publication, at long last, of the audiobook versions of Spellwright and Spellbound–both from Audible Studios. By a twist of chance, the audiobooks will be narrated by Kevin Collins, whom I went to high school with. I was lucky enough to be in a few school plays with Kevin.

I don’t have too many other specifics on offer now. However, I can say that Tor is currently planning to ‘re-brand’ the trilogy with Spellbreaker, meaning that the cover art and package of the book will not be in the style of Todd Lockwood‘s excellent art for the first two US books. While I am sad that we won’t get to see what Todd would have dreamed up for the cover, I am excited to discover what new direction Tor takes the series.

I don’t know when Spellbreaker will come out in Europe or when any particular translation will publish; however, I’ll be sure to post those, and any other, details as soon as I have them.

In the meantime, I’m staying busy during my senior year in internal medicine residency and applying  in cardiology. I’ve had a few more academic publications on topics ranging from how computers can teach doctors, to searching for joy as a doctor in training, to the unethical selling of medical screening tests. And work on my fourth novel continues apace. I’ll hope to have more details about where it is headed about the time Spellbreaker publishes.


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  • Good news! Looking firward to reading Spellbreaker. Even though Europe publ runs somewhat behind, we can still order US versions.


  • Laura J. Underwood

    3:39 pm Aug-11-2015


    Excellent. I have introduced so many readers to the first two books and they have all wanted to know when the third is coming out. Now I can tell them It Is Real… 🙂

  • Courtney Simon

    4:25 pm Aug-14-2015


    One of my friends sent me a copy of Spell Wright and I determined, less than halfway through, that I needed to find any other books you’ve written. It isn’t often that I find books that keep me reading all night. I can’t wait to pick up Spell Bound and will order the newest as soon as it comes out!

    • Best thing ever to hear. I hope you like Spellbound (book 2), I think it’s a much better book…but I’m biased. While you’re waiting for Spellbreaker (book 3), you could check out my SF novellas, if you like SF, in the Seeds of Change and Unfettered anthologies. One of those was made into an audio version by escape pod .

  • Hi Blake,

    Glad to hear that the final book in the trilogy is to be released soon. Have been looking forward to it since reading the first book. Hope you next book is as well received as these are.

    All the best for your future projects.

  • So just read the blurb for Spellbreaker on the TOR – SPRING 2016 catalogue and it says that the 3rd book is a standalone and not a direct sequel to the first 2 books since it takes place 34 years after book 2,is that right ?

    here’s the blurb – http://edelweiss.abovethetreeline.com/ProductDetailPage.aspx?sequence=27&group=catalog&mailingID=0&mailingGroupID=0&catalogID=3672907&org=&sku=076531729X


    • It’s sorta right. Spellbreaker is the third and final book in the Spellwright Trilogy and completes the story arc I originally imagined almost 15 years ago now. I do like large jumps in time between the books in a series, since that gives me the ability to explore characters at different points in their lives. It also gives me a chance to regenerate a back story for each novel. One of the unintended, and positive, consequences of this is that Spellbreaker stands on its own pretty well. Sales and marketing is really excited about showing that off. Hence the catalog blurb you read. But rest assured that if you want to know how the story ends for Nicodemus, Francesca, and others in the first two books, Spellbreaker won’t disappoint. In fact, I’m hoping it’ll exceed expectations by introducing their daughter, Leandra…

  • Jennifer Muller

    2:32 am Oct-4-2015


    What about an Australian release date?

  • Hi Blake! I was an intern for your original editor while Spellbound was being published, and your books were one of my favorite things that I got to work on. I worried about some authors whose books were orphaned after his departure, but I’m glad to see that you ended up with PNH. I hope your residency and your revisions are going well and that all of your future projects go well. Will be watching out for Spellbreaker.

    • Hi Katie! Thanks so much for the kind note. It is a huge relief that we finally are getting this book to production after so many years in the orphanage 😉 Thanks so much for your help on the early books in the series and for keeping an eye on me!

  • So excited for the new book! My fiancé introduced me to the series and it blew me away!

    This series and the King Killer Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss are the first books I’ve ever considered re-reading. They’re just that good.
    So thank you!

  • Hi Blake, would you be able to tell is the Polish version of the book will be published this year?
    Thank you so much for the last two books, i was saving place on my book shelf for last one.

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