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Spellbreaker’s Cover Art & Blurb

Somehow summer’s melted into fall. I’m not sure where the time went. Seems like I just updated this blog. But when the El Niño rains started falling on San Francisco last week, I realized that it’s been a whole season since I’ve posted. It’s been a busy time. Here are the highlights.

Spellwright and Spellbound are now audiobooks available via audible.com. By a twist of fate, they were read by Kevin T. Collins–an old high school friend of mine. I was in a few plays with Kevin. He was always the star of the show; I always an ensemble member. I’m grateful that we got to work together again, all these years later.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend two months on an in-patient cardiology service and one in my primary care clinic learning as always from my peers, my professors, and of course my patients.

With the end of residency at hand, I’ve applied for fellowship in cardiology and had the good fortune to interview all over the country and meet some amazing people. I’ll find out December 2nd if I’ll be so lucky as to become a cardiologist and where I’ll call home for the next three years.

I’ve just flown back from the American Heart Association’s annual convention, where I was very proud to present my research into anticoagulation (specifically, for the medical nerds out there, into the relative outcomes of warfarin-, dabigatran-, and rivaroxaban-associated bleeding). Together with my co-authors, I’m getting the final manuscript ready for submission and very excited.

Work on my fourth novel continues in fits and starts. It’s both exciting and daunting to strike out into a new world after working on the same series for over a decade.

Spellbreaker is still set for a June 2016 publication in the US.

Spellbreaker now has cover art! It is a bit of a change from the previous, wonderful covers by Todd Lockwood, but I’m thrilled with the result. I think it captures the spirit of book three perfectly.

Spellbreaker also has a blurb! Which I think does a great job of teasing the reader without giving too much away. It’s not really news to announce the blurb or cover art since both were revealed through the excellent book blog, Civilian Reader. But even so, I’d love it if you dropped a comment here about the cover art or the blurb to let me know what you think.


Spellbreaker_c2_B2-1 (2)


Leandra Weal has a bad habit of getting herself in dangerous situations. For one thing, she has to solve the mystery behind a very usual murder.

While hunting neodemons in her role as Warden of Ixos, Leandra obtains a prophetic spell that provides a glimpse one day into her future. She discovers that in a day’s time she will either murder someone she loves or die herself. Problem is, she doesn’t know whom she might murder. That’s a pretty big problem for a woman who has a shark god for a lover, a hostile empress for an aunt, a rogue misspelling wizard for a father, and a mother who–especially when arguing with her daughter–can be a real dragon.

Leandra’s quest to unravel the mystery of the murder-she-will-commit becomes more urgent when her chronic disease flares up and the Ixonian Archipelago is plagued by natural disasters, demon worshiping cults, and fierce political infighting. Everywhere she turns, Leandra finds herself amid intrigue and conflict. It seems her bad habit for getting into dangerous situations is turning into a full blown addiction.    

Spellbreaker is the long awaited sequel to Spellbound, which was listed by Kirkus Reviews among the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2011. This final installment of the Spellwright Trilogy stands alone as a complete story; however, fans of the series will find in it answers to the questions raised by the previous books about Leandra’s parents, Nicodemus Weal and Francesca DeVega.

As chaos spreads across Ixos, Leandra and her troubled family must race to uncover the shocking truth about a prophesied demonic invasion, human language, and their own identities–if they don’t kill each other first.



11 Responses to “Spellbreaker’s Cover Art & Blurb”

  • Absolutely love that cover. Can’t wait to read the novel, too!

  • Cool! Heh, cute blurb – “a letter-perfect story,” I see what she did there. 😉 Beautiful cover. Congrats on the upcoming (well, months away) release, Blake!

  • The cover is interesting! Appears to give away fewer hints than the last one! Am looking forward to getting to read about how the trilogy wraps up.

  • Congrats! realy cool cover fine balance between light and shaded places cant wait to put my hands on the book

    • Thank you for the kind words! I’ve heard that the advanced reading copies exist! I’m eagerly checking my mail every day to see if the advanced copies have arrived.

  • I have read the ARC and as impressed with book three as I was with the first book. Glad you took your time!

  • I just finished rereading the first 2 books, can’t wait for your 3rd. That cover art helps to complete my image of the crazy towers all over the cities. Beautiful work.

  • Can’t wait for it to hit Audible!! Love the cover artwork and the blurb!!

  • When I first took book 1, I was a bit disappointed, wondering why you did not stick to conventional magic systems.
    About two months and two books later, I can’t wait to lay my hands on book 3. You fashioned an unusual world with such genius that one can’t help but be drawn into it.
    Book 3’s artwork look great, can’t wait for the book to be released in the next couple weeks 🙂

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