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Preparing for Spellbreaker’s Publication

Last week I reconciled myself to the fact that a book needs not only to be written but also promoted.

Or, at least, I tried to.

It seems to me that in a perfect world, the merits of our work would be their own promotion. But–sad state of the world–to move the needle, art and science must be noticed and judged by others. So it is that I’m humbly begging for 1) your judgement of Spellbreaker when it publishes in the US on the 30th of August, and, should you feel moved to do so, 2) your help spreading the word about the book and the series. If you’re game, please accept my gratitude and consider the following:

  • So far, the judgement has been gratifying. Spellbreaker has earned two starred reviews from Kirkus Reviews, and Publishers Weekly! Library Journal was very complementary and Bookish.com also rated it in their Summer “Must Reads.” See below for the excerpts.
  • If you have enjoyed either Spellwright or Spellbound and haven’t yet done so, please consider writing a review on Goodreads.com or Amazon.com or any other review site of your choice. It makes a big difference.
  • Come hang out with me on book tour! No dates are set yet, but I have time off from the hospital between September 11th and 17th. The tentative plan now is for events in San Francisco, San Diego, and perhaps Portland. I would love to travel farther afield, but my publisher would have to shell out for it. So, if you’d like me to swing by your hometown, chat up your local indie bookseller and suggest hosting me. If the book seller expresses interest, it’s much more likely to be feasible!
  • Come hang out with me on my blog tour! Apparently all the cool kids are doing these nowadays. I’m trying to be a cool kid.
  • Please, please forgive my sluggish internet response. I am both excited and anxious about starting as a cardiology fellow July first!

Thank you all! It’s only because of your continued support and patience that I am able to live a balance of medicine and fiction.

And now, the reviews so far…

Publication Reviews

STARRED REVIEW: The worldbuilding and the conflict are expertly delineated, but much of the trilogy’s focus is far more intimate: a richly textured portrait of personal growth, primarily of Nicodemus as he gains self-confidence in himself and his magic, opens his heart to a lover, and then takes on mature responsibilities as a family man, warrior, and politician.  Vivid, intelligent, and painful in an authentically laudable way.

Kirkus Reviews

STARRED REVIEW: There is significant emotional depth to the story, and ponderings on fate, love, and the purpose of human society give the novel some gravitas. Intricate plotting, strong characters, and a wonderfully imagined world make this a winner.

Publishers Weekly

Vivid characters, political intrigue, and family drama make this a solid, imaginative work.

Library Journal*

Online Reviews

[O]ne hell of a wild ride… While there’s plenty of adventure to be had, readers should also know that this is a novel that reaches great emotional depths through character development.



*Correction. Several booksellers had listed the Library Journal review with a star next to it, leading me to mistakenly believe it was a starred review. Previous editions of this post and associated social media links incorrectly named it a starred review. I’ve attempted to correct the mistake throughout this website.



3 Responses to “Preparing for Spellbreaker’s Publication”

  • Heath Christopher

    10:23 am Jul-31-2016


    I’m extremely excited that the third installment has come! When I read that you were taking a break to go concentrate on school, I was both happy for you and sad for myself. Hahaha! I wasn’t sure if the third book would ever arrive. This just made my day. This series better become a movie trilogy!

    • I was pretty worried that the third book would never arrive as well! Medical training wasn’t even the biggest barrier. There was a lot of drama at my publishing house that had little to nothing to do with me. Thank God that’s over.

      And as for the books being made into a movie…I’m not sure I’d want them done by Hollywood (not that I have the choice), but if we’re playing makebelieve, I’d want them animated by Miyazaki 😉

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