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Spellbreaker Publishes Today!

It’s my bookday. I am now three books old. At last.

My first book published in 2010, my second in 2011. Writing novels was easier in medical school. It odd thinking back to that first book day. I was like a nervous parent; I set the whole day aside just to promote it and throw it a little party with friends and family at a local bookstore. I was so nervous for the book–that maybe people wouldn’t notice it or like it.

Tomorrow, while Spellbreaker publishes, I will be the on call cardiology fellow at our university hospital. I’ll still worry. I’ll hope people notice it. I’ll hope they like it. But the book will have to fend for itself. I won’t be promoting it or throwing a party. I’ll be trying to help people in the hospital.

I think it’s better this way.


4 Responses to “Spellbreaker Publishes Today!”

  • Hi Blake,

    I’m really glad to see the book released, and although you feel like it will have to fend for its own, I believe it deserves at least a little party after being in the making for so long.

    I at least will celebrate the day when it arrives.
    Looking forward to see my dyslexic friend Nico once more.

    Kind regards,

  • Well… Through the magic of e readers, Internet and the online payment methods, I didn’t have to wait. I’m fast page turning through the exciting story. Really like the character depths, and the unrevealed mysteries, so I need to do some more page turning…

    Hope to see the Dutch translation in the coming months, I’d like to complete my collection. Hopefully Emmy is hired to do the job once more.

    Now back to the book.

    Kind regards,

  • Is there any plan to release an audio version of this book as well”? I am very nearly blind and I enjoyed the first two books. I would love to know if I will get the enjoy the third as well.

    thank you for your work!

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