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The Third Star

Spellbreaker’s publication is only weeks away now, so it’s particularly gratifying to learn that it has just earned a third pre-publication starred review! As mentioned in my last post my last post, Kirkus and Publisher’s Weekly have given the book a star. Now I’m proud to report that Rebecca Gerber writing for Booklist has given Spellbreaker it’s third starred review!

“As [Leandra] defines her own path, and her parents face difficulty accepting her decisions, there is an element of relatability that Charlton has brought to each of his books without succumbing to formulaic series writing. While Spellbreaker can stand on its own, having read its two predecessors adds depth to its undercurrents. It will appeal to readers who enjoy high fantasy, complex worlds, and characters that change and grow throughout the story.”

Is a fourth star in the works? Unlikely unless there’s someone over at Romantic Times pawing through the pages as I type. Spellbreaker does feature a love triangle between the anti-heroic female protagonist, a very male shark-deity, and a Protean gender-switching deity of wrestling (yeah, that old chestnut). So, it’s possible…just not likely. Besides as gratifying as critical acclaim is, the more important test for Spellbreaker will come when general readers–if they pick up or download the book–decide what they think and feel about the story.

There’s, also, assorted other book launch news:

-The Tor/Forge blog has published a brief piece I wrote about the role that prophecy, predestination, and precognition may play in literature.

-Book tour dates are getting set up! I’ll be at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego on September 14th, and at Borderlands Books in San Francisco October 1st. A Portland visit has somehow fallen through the cracks despite my best effort. I’m not at all sure why. (Portland friends, if you know of a non-Powell’s bookstore that would be interested in hosting me between September 10th and 13th or 15th and 18th let me know!)



*Correction. Several booksellers had listed the Library Journal review with a star next to it, leading me to mistakenly believe it was a starred review. Previous editions of this post and associated social media links incorrectly named it a starred review. I’ve attempted to correct the mistake throughout this website.


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