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It’s Been a Minute

It’s been a minute since I posted.

In fact, it’s been a year.

What a year.

It must be admitted: I’ve been a distracted writer. This was mostly because of the thousand natural shocks of first year cardiology fellowship. A major illness in the family applied an equal push away from personal efforts at creativity and toward caring for others. Happily, everyone in the family is fairing better and we are closer because of it. But, again, it must be admitted: I neglected my third novel, Spellbreaker. The reviews have been wonderful, the sales merely adequate.

This is perhaps because of my lackluster promotion. I grow glum thinking of it until I consider it’s a minor miracle that the book exists at all. I had to write the book as a 4th year medical student, revise it as an intern. Then a political upheaval at my American publisher saw my editor fired and the series orphaned. The manuscript languished on one desk or another for nearly three years. Seen in that light, and after reviewing the praise it did attract, I feel grateful it made it to where it has.

So, now that life has calmed down a bit, I’m picking up the pieces and undertaking some much needed self reinvention–a process so well known to every creative soul. But first, a little more attention for Spellbreaker. Here’s what’s happened in the past year.


  • Personalized copies for sale! If you’d like signed or personally inscribed copies of any of my available books, you can contact Borderlands Books online here,  toll-free at 888 893-4008, or email office@borderlands-books.com.  They’ll ask you which books you’d like, what (if anything) you’d like the personalizations to say, the address you’d like the books sent to, and get your payment information.  I’ll come sign your books and they’ll ship them out you.  They’re happy to ship internationally, too.  If you already have all of my books, you can also send them books from your collection for me to sign.  They charge a nominal handling fee plus the postage.
  • Lifetime goal achieved! Locus Magazine interviewed me!
  • In a sort of modern existential authorial milestone, I’ve come to realize I exist as an author because a Wikipedia page was created about me.
  • Spellbreaker will be translated into Russian! That’s the good news. The bad news is that there are no other plans for translation into other languages. To my many Dutch friends, many many apologies. You are all wonderful. Thank you so very much for the encouraging emails.
  • Summer Brooks on her Writers, After Dark blog lead me through one of the more interesting interviews of my life.
  • The Functional Nerds Podcast had me back on their show despite knowing my proclivity for puns.
  • The Verge listed Spellbreaker on the “8 stories to read while you wait for the next season of American Gods.” Honored to be listed among such amazing authors.
  • A Tor.com article explores language in fantasy and lists the Spellwright Series “for advanced users.”

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Publication Review Wrap Up

STARRED REVIEW: The worldbuilding and the conflict are expertly delineated, but much of the trilogy’s focus is far more intimate: a richly textured portrait of personal growth, primarily of Nicodemus as he gains self-confidence in himself and his magic, opens his heart to a lover, and then takes on mature responsibilities as a family man, warrior, and politician.  Vivid, intelligent, and painful in an authentically laudable way.

Kirkus Reviews

STARRED REVIEW: There is significant emotional depth to the story, and ponderings on fate, love, and the purpose of human society give the novel some gravitas. Intricate plotting, strong characters, and a wonderfully imagined world make this a winner.

Publishers Weekly

Vivid characters, political intrigue, and family drama make this a solid, imaginative work.

Library Journal

STARRED REVIEW: As [Leandra] defines her own path, and her parents face difficulty accepting her decisions, there is an element of relatability that Charlton has brought to each of his books without succumbing to formulaic series writing. While Spellbreaker can stand on its own, having read its two predecessors adds depth to its undercurrents. It will appeal to readers who enjoy high fantasy, complex worlds, and characters that change and grow throughout the story.

Book List

Where the first novel was a fun start to the series, Charlton has built upon his world, and by the time we reach Spellbreaker, he’s running with all cylinders firing… Charlton throws in plenty of surprises. It’s easy for authors to follow a rote path for characters caught up in a prophecy, but it’s notable that he manages to find alternatives along the way, making his characters struggle as they fight to save one another, but also to change the world in unexpected ways.

Lightspeed Magazine



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