Storytelling is a dangerous habit.

Every time you set out, knowing your planned journey, your intended goal. But every time you find the terrain unexpected, your original destination unreachable or unimpressive. The journey changes you. So the world is no longer what you expect–it’s often frightening, often beautiful. When those writing a first novel ask me for advice, I suggest reading the poem “Ithaka” by C.P. Cavafy over and over and over. In my–still fairly limited–experience, the poem answers most every important question one might ask of the writerly life.

Though it’s skimpy now, I’m hoping this page will become a hub for anyone curious about what I’ve published so far. I’m a big believer in providing “Free Reads” online. I will always push for providing the largest possible chunk of a new book for a sample. Also, when possible, I will always put my short stories on the Free Reads page.



Short Fiction

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