World Map

I’m thrilled to have been given the work of Master Cartographer Rhys Davies produce the below map for the Spellwright world. Check out Davies’s website for more wonderful work.

* * *

Likely any fan of fantasy literature can relate to poring over the maps of foreign worlds, imagination afire with images of what each city or spectacle might look like and what adventures might be had between them. Of particular importance to me were the beautiful illuminated map of Robert Jordan’s Randland, Robin Hobb’s Six Dutches, Terry Brook’s Four Lands, and Raymond Feist’s Midkemia.

SPELLWRIGHT is not a continent-sweeping multi-POV travelogue of a fantasy. I doubt the trilogy will ‘visit’ most of the places on the map. I prefer to explore a world by digging deep into one specific place to reveal how it is connected to other aspects of the world. Perhaps that will change as I evolve as a writer.  But regardless, I do spend a lot of time dreaming up the Six Human Kingdoms in great detail. Though I’ve no skill with a pen (handwriting so bad I should be a doctor *wink wink*), I created a very ugly but detailed map. I’m excited to announce that Davies has done a beautiful job transforming my scrawl into intricate cartography that I hope will be every bit as worthy of readerly scrutinize and imagination. Click on the map for high-res image.

Spellwright map size

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