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Welcome to my Free Reads Page: an experiment in online publishing. Here you won’t find any requests for donations or tip jar. No cash accepted. However, if you enjoy a story, please link to it on your blog or mention it on your Twitter, Facebook, or social-network-of-choice feed. Prewritten Twitter- and Facebook-friendly posts with linking URL will be made available for each story.

Complete Short Fiction

  • Endosymbiont:”  HTML RTF PDF MOBI EPUB *AUDIO*
    • A science fiction novelette about a young woman struggling with brain cancer and being too clever by half. Her normal hospital routine is interrupted  when she beings to suspect that she’s been put into a hospital for the dead.
    • gave the story five out five stars and called it “100% engrossing and abundantly satisfying.” Originally published in the Seeds of Change anthology, edited by John Joseph Adams. Check out the website for Free stories by Jay Lake, Jeremiah Tolbert, and Tobias Buckell.

Novel Excerpts

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